Spicy Chicken Meal Prep With Rice And Beans

This spicy chicken meal prep uses a spicy salsa to spice up your chicken breasts. This meal is great for any time of the week but is also healthy for those watching their cholesterol.

With just four simple steps, you can prepare this delicious chicken dish in minutes. Your whole family will love the taste of this tasty meal and even though they may get a little bored with it, they are sure to find something else to eat while eating it.

It is easy and fast and guarantees to be one of your family’s favorite things to do. Spicy chicken meal prep can easily become the center of the family dinner table if you’ve got kids.

It’s healthy too! The secret is in using a variety of spices and sauces that can bring out the more subtle flavors in your food while still maintaining that full flavor that makes this meal so healthy.

This is what I have learned from my own family and I hope it helps you too! Looking for a great meal to bring to a potluck, a birthday party, or just a get together? A great idea is Spicy Chicken Meal Prep with Rice and Beans.

This is one of the easiest meals you will ever have in your life. All you have to do is combine all the ingredients, cook it, and serve it. It is an easy recipe that your kids can make too!

Spicy Chicken Meal Prep with Rice and Beans

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Spicy Chicken Meal Prep with rice and beans + a yummy cilantro sauce = healthy meal prep to last you all week! Meal planning that is healthy, delicious, AND beautiful!


  • For the Chicken Meal Prep:
  • 1 cup long grain white rice (quinoa also works – see notes)

  • 1 cup water

  • 14 ounces of fresh salsa (undrained canned tomatoes also work)

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1 teaspoon oil

  • about 1 lb. chicken breasts, cut into 4–6 smallish pieces

  • lots of spices like cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and cayenne (taco

  • seasoning also works)

  • For Adding In Later:
  • 1 14-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained

  • a handful of chopped fresh cilantro

  • sunshine sauce (click for recipe)


  • Cook: Place the rice, water, tomatoes, salt, and oil in the pot. Stir to combine. Place the chicken pieces on top and sprinkle generously with your favorite spices and some salt. Turn the instant pot on high pressure for 7-8 minutes. When done, use the quick release valve for the steam.
  • Mix: Remove the chicken. Mix the black beans (and maybe a little sunshine sauce) in with the rice.
  • Meal Prep Yourself: Divide the rice and beans amongst 4-6 meal prep containers. Top each with a piece of chicken. Sprinkle with cilantro and drizzle with a spoonful of sauce.


  • What if I don’t have an Instant Pot? On a stovetop, just cook the rice according to package directions, then add the tomatoes and beans. Sprinkle the chicken with spices and sauté in a separate frying pan until cooked through. I tried this in a crockpot but it didn’t work super well. The rice got really mushy and about half of it was still uncooked. So I wouldn’t advise using the crockpot!
  • Vegan version and other substitutions: Quinoa works! Tofu works! I did a quinoa-tofu version of this using 1 cup quinoa instead of rice, and 1 package tofu instead of chicken. Cooked in Instant Pot for 5 minutes – it was great! If you use quinoa and chicken together, I recommend cutting your chicken a little smaller so that it fully cooks in 5 minutes,.
  • What to serve it with: My two sides were sliced bell pepper and a yummy dessert-like trail mix.
  • How to reheat it: When we make these, we take out the peppers and the trail mix to munch on while it heats in the microwave.
  • What about avocado? Yes. Very good idea to have an avocado handy for when you’re planning to eat this. I would’t prep it with avocado though – it will brown too quickly.
  • How long does it last? This chicken, rice, and beans meal prep will last for about 4 days in the fridge. I have not tried freezing this.

Reference : pinchofyum.


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