Mega Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you are looking for something different and yet still easy to prepare, then the Mega Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the perfect meal for you. With fresh grilled chicken, homemade fresh mozzarella, fresh spinach, a tossed salad and your favorite cheese.

The preparation of this meal is simple, all you need is some leftover pasta and your favorite bread, and then you are set. This meal can be taken as a lunch, dinner or even an snack.

The secret to this tasty and easy chicken pesto is using a reduced amount of cheese, yet the flavor is still there. For a healthy recipe that is both delicious and full of flavor, try Mega Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Made with a fresh Italian bread base and served on grilled white tortilla with fresh salsa and sliced tomato and a drizzle of balsamic or marinara on top, this easy to make, healthy recipe is a crowd pleaser for any gathering. With a low calorie count, it is also easy to prepare and a healthy choice for your family.

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to impress your guest at your next party this summer, consider having them try the Mega Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich. With it’s light bread and fresh Italian bread crumbs, the perfect side dish or starting point for any number of Italian dishes.

The great thing about this recipe is that while you can use whatever type of meat you want to grill with this recipe, the one ingredient that you really need to focus on is making sure that you use the freshest and best ingredients possible. That means using only high quality lean organic meats and vegetables which will provide you with the most flavor while keeping the fat content low and the calorie count low. This will give you the most healthiest grilled cheese sandwich you have ever had.

MEGA Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recipe by TiffanieCourse: LunchCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Easy


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Chicken and Pesto makes the ULTIMATE grilled cheese sandwich combo. Juicy chicken wrapped in a homemade basil pesto, paired with sun dried tomatoes and stringy mozzarella – the perfect lunch ready and waiting!


  • 4 Thick Slices of Bread

  • 2 cups / ~200g Shredded Chicken

  • 1/2 cup / 75g Basil Pesto or as needed

  • 1.5 cups / 150g Mozzarella, shredded (or rounds of fresh mozzarella)

  • 8-12 Sun Dried Tomatoes (patted dry if necessary)

  • 4 spreads of Butter


  • In a bowl, combine chicken and pesto. Place to one side.
  • Place two slices of bread in a pan with the heat OFF. Spread with butter then flip over so both are butter side down.
  • Spread half your mozzarella, top with chicken pesto, then with your sun dried tomatoes, followed by the other half of your mozzarella, finished with a slice of bread.
  • Spread butter on top and turn on the heat to a medium.
  • Fry each side until golden and crispy. The centre should be hot and the mozzarella should just begin to leak out the sides.

Reference : dontgobaconmyheart.


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