Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups

Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups, also known as the Spanish rice cake is a delicious, nutritious, high protein, low fat snack and go treat that work well for breakfast or even snack! They have a slightly crispy outside with a perfectly cooked healthy egg in the middle.

They are made from whole wheat flour, soy milk, corn and wheat starch. They are also available in a variety of flavors.

I recommend trying them with some Lemon Juice or Apple Sauce. Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups a delicious high protein, low calorie snack and go treat that work well for either breakfast or even snack!

They usually have a hard shell, cracked rim and an egg in the middle. They are made entirely from whole wheat flour and are completely gluten free.

These great little cups are becoming one of the most popular products from The Dieter’s Toolkits and are proving to be very popular among dieters! Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups would be an excellent alternative to traditionally sweet pastries, waffles, or biscotti!

It is a healthy high protein, low carbohydrate treat which work as a great treat or breakfast food for those on the go. It has a lightly cooked egg yolk at the centre and a crispy, golden exterior with a perfectly cooked healthy meaty egg.

There are many Keto diet foods that taste great, but don’t have the same nutritional value as when they are made with whole eggs. Keto eggs are an excellent alternative to traditional high-calorie treats.

Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups

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Keto Prosciutto Egg Cups are a high protein, low carb grab and go item that work for breakfast or snack! They have a crispy outside with a perfectly cooked egg in the center. Whole30. Gluten Free.


  • 3 ounces prosciutto

  • 6 large eggs

  • 1/4 cup arugula

  • salt & pepper as desired


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  • Spray 6 muffin cups with nonstick spray or coat with oil
  • Line each muffin cup with a slice of prosciutto
  • Add in arugula
  • Crack an egg on top of arugula in each cup
  • Place in the oven and bake until the yolk is done to your liking. Anywhere from 12-18 minutes
  • Allow to cool slighlty
  • Serve with additional arugula and berries, if desired


  • Macros for 1 out of 6 egg cups not including additional sides:

Reference : mealpreponfleek.


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