Instant Pot Potato Salad

A lot of people don’t know how to make Instant Pot Potato Salad properly. Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular salads out there. For people who want a healthier and tastier option, you can consider this option.

First off, what exactly is Pot Potato Salad? Well, you’ll find that this salad is made with potatoes and a lot of dressing. Basically, what you do is choose some potatoes that you like. And then chop them up with some mayonnaise and a little bit of vinegar. That’s all there is to it.

However, people want to make the Pot Potato Salad taste better. They think that with a few drops of their favorite dressing added in, they’ll be able to give it that special touch that other salads don’t have. One great way to achieve this is to add Dijon mustard or even olive oil and vinegar to your mix.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

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Now, let’s talk about another way to enjoy Pot Potato Salad. This is where you cut the potatoes up into chunks and throw them into a big bowl. What you’ll need to do is toss them in the dressing and seasonings, and then toss them again until all the pieces are coated.


  • 4 medium potatoes.

  • 4 tbs of plain yogurt bio kul greek.

  • 2 1/2 tbsp of mayonnaise.

  • 5 shallots.

  • A sprig of dill.


  • Boil potatoes in saltwater, until tender.
  • Drain it, wait for the potatoes to cool (warm), then peel.
  • Cut into cubes (one potato can be about 12 pieces).
  • Put mayonnaise and yogurt.
  • Stir while the potatoes are still warm.
  • Add sliced shallots, dill sprig, salt, and pepper. Stir well.
  • Put it in the refrigerator, so that the taste absorbs and mixes, at least 1 hour.

Good potatoes make for a tasty salad. You can even add in mushrooms, celery, and carrots if you’d like. One of the benefits of this salad is that you can add the vegetables right into the mix which means that you’ll be getting all the nutrients that they contain in just one piece of fruit.

Try adding some herbs and spices to it. Adding some Rosemary, basil, or even Cayenne pepper can make your salad taste great. Plus, the nutrients that are in the fruits will be more concentrated with these ingredients.

As you can see, there are several ways to enjoy your Instant Pot Potato Salad. These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Reference Cookpad Id.


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