Ham And Cheese Pinwheels – A Kid-pleasing Lunch!

Ham and Cheese Puffs are one of the greatest and most popular appetizer recipes for several people and many reasons. I, personally love all types of baked foods (be it cheese, crackers, or vegetables) and have had them for decades, but I am particularly fond of baked food with a delicious flavor that is as good or even better, than most pre-cooked foods. When you make your own ham and cheese puff pastry, you get to control the flavor, the thickness, and the texture – exactly how you want your food to be.

You can bake the ham and cheese puff at very low temperatures, making them incredibly light and easily handled by an amateur cook – in contrast, when you buy prepackaged puff pastry from the store, you may find that they are baked at temperatures as high as 300 degrees, and that makes them heavy, difficult to work with, and prone to developing cracks or holes in the crust.

Ham and Cheese Pies are very popular snack and healthy food item of every individual. In fact, Ham and Cheese Pies are very simple to make and it has become the most popular recipe of every kitchen in America.

These mouth watering delicacies are made using only plain or low fat cream cheese, Ham, tomato sauce, onions, and milk. These delicious pinwheels have a mild cheese flavor, which makes it an ideal recipe for your breakfast or snacks.

Ham and Cheese are an increasingly popular alternative to the classic tortilla shell deli sandwiches. What was once confined mainly to the Southern states, in the last few years has spread into other areas of the country, particularly where there is a strong Hispanic population

In my home town of Memphis, you can now see many Mexican food trucks on every corner, serving up their famous (some might say, not so traditional) ham and cheese. I can’t say I love it, but there’s no denying its popularity among other locales. So here are some things to think about when buying or preparing this seemingly innocent food:

Ham and Cheese Pinwheels – A Kid-Pleasing Lunch!

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These ham and cheese pinwheels are easy to make and fun to eat. They’re a perfect option for a picky eater’s lunch box.


  • 2 large tortillas, look for “burrito size”

  • 4 leaves lettuce, we used Romaine

  • 10-12 slices deli ham, 1 small package

  • 8 slices cheese

  • 4 tbsp cream cheese


  • Lay the tortillas flat and spread about 2 tablespoons of cream cheese on each.
  • Next, layer the ham onto the tortillas.
  • On top of the ham, add lettuce.
  • The last ingredient, add on the 4 slices of cheese to each tortilla.
  • Roll the tortillas tightly and slice into 2-inch sections.
  • Use a toothpick or reusable food picks to secure each wheel.
  • Serve these immediately or store in the refrigerator. Pack a school lunch with a cool pack. how to make a pinwheel

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