Banana Smoothie – Simple & Healthy!

If you have had a meal that you describe as a banana smoothie, you can safely assume you are on the right road to losing weight. Now you may be thinking, and this sounds too good to be true, I’m not losing any weight, I don’t even like bananas.

Easy Banana Smoothie Simple Healthy

Think again. The smoothie has become a staple in the lives of many people looking to shed some pounds.

There are many different reasons for people to include the banana in their diet. Some are trying to lose weight because they want to keep it off. If this is the case with you, just make sure that the banana smoothie is included in your daily diet and not just at mealtimes.

Banana Smoothie – Simple & Healthy!

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Banana is packed with potassium and fiber. It makes it a great source of food for those trying to maintain their weight. Bananas also have been known to help increase metabolism and burn fat faster. For people who are trying to lose weight, this is very important.


  • 2 mangoes.

  • 2 bananas.

  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar.

  • 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk.

  • 200 ml of liquid milk.


  • Clean mangoes and bananas, cut into pieces. Put in the freezer for 12 hours.Clean mangoes and bananas, cut into pieces. Put in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Take frozen fruits to make smoothies.Take frozen fruits to make smoothies
  • Put all ingredients into a blender.Put all ingredients into a blender
  • Blend until mixed and smooth.
  • Put into a smoothie glass.Banana Smoothie - Simple & Healthy!

If you have ever had a smoothie before, you know what a delicious treat it is. The banana is very versatile and when blended with the other ingredients. The fruit will add a unique flavor that you will enjoy. This is a great way to get your family and friends involved. And you can create a healthy meal for each guest.

By making a healthy meal with a banana smoothie, you can lead a healthier lifestyle. You will feel great and look great. Reference Cookpad ID.